Podere VolpaioPodere Volpaio

Podere Volpaio


Grappa of Chianti

Balance, not an alcoholic assault, rules this grappa of chianti.

The colour is clear and transparent, with rich and elegant aromas on the nose and clear hints of fresh marc and floral accents, with a warm, vigorous, full-rounded and robust taste where balance, and not an alcoholic assault, dominates.

Production and distillation technique

This Grappa is the result of a steam distillation process, carried out with the traditional batch system, using the pomace of Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Malvasia. The grapes are harvested where the farm has the best exposure, and are then used for producing our Chianti Terre Dé Pari selection. They are then subjected to a long maceration and transferred to the distillery immediately after a gentle pressing in order to start the distillation process. The swiftness of this operation allows us to preserve the aromatic potential of the grape intact, highlighting the specific characteristics of the production area and the type of vine variety. The result is a Grappa with a rich personality and with a remarkable organoleptic structure, which highlights the most genuine aromas and varietal scents of the pomace.