Podere VolpaioPodere Volpaio

Podere Volpaio


Ruby red, complex on the nose, bouquet of flowers and berries. Hints of black and normal cherries with notes of vanilla, coffee and liquorice. An enveloping and silky softness for this excellent Tuscan IGT wine.

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Our products

A culture based on tradition

To enhance our land and its products, working on old vines and olive groves with organic methods, exploiting the experience of three generations in order to create the right balance between tradition and innovation: this is the goal of Podere Volpaio.

Red wine

Red wine regenerates our sense of smell and completes every moment of our life.


The rosè

As fresh as a white wine without abandoning many peculiarities of a red wine.


White wine

Good taste and a pleasant feeling of satisfaction: white wines are as good for the heart as they are on the palate.


(Straw wine)

A sophisticated, intense and rich product with bright colours, soft on the palate.



An ancient tradition which has been carried on for the pleasure of those who know how to appreciate it.


Olive Oil

Olive Oil from the Podere: a traditional flavour which ennobles every dish.


Organic Certification

CERTIFICATION BIO EU Commission ensures that production takes place in harmony with nature in a sustainable way. The bio operators are inspected once a year and do not produce OGM, they do not use pesticides and founded the production techniques of knowledge and the production area resources.


VEGANOK is the first certification for Ethical Vegan products originated in Italy, whose staff is entirely made up of vegans who care about the spread of this ethical choice, depth knowledge of every aspect of the Vegan choice and everything related to the respect of the life of every living thing.