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The company

The nature of the soil, the wise and constant care of the vineyards and the traditional methods of cultivation and harvest which are still performed manually enable us to select the best grapes. These are unique qualities that have always distinguished the wines of Podere Volpaio, which we take care of with the only goal of creating productions with special features. Our “bio” philosophy represents the trait d’union between tradition and innovation. The goal we set ourselves constantly is to follow regulations and seek the most from a high level production.

In 2000, the company joined the Growing Organic Project, according to which all synthetic chemical substances for pest control and fertilisation are totally excluded, in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation and under the control of the "Q Certificazioni" certification body, for the Control of Organic Productions (an entity authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry).

Our love of the land

It is essential for us to enhance our region and its products, by working organically on old vines and using native vines and by exploiting the experience of three generations in order to create the right balance between new know-how, new technology and ancient processing traditions.

The mission of the Volpaio farm, which has been producing wine since 1890, is to preserve the value of its territory and its products with the aim of constantly increasing quality in order to reach new objectives.

Preserving traditions

Organic farming, new winemaking know-how and technology together with the respect for the tradition of generations of winemakers from Tuscany, are the cornerstones of each product of Podere Volpaio.

We consider it vital not to lose contact with Tuscan traditions; even if this means being going against the flow of market requirements, we have chosen to keep the order of importance of our wines unchanged, starting from Chianti as the primary product, and going downwards to the Tuscan red and white wines.

Most companies in Tuscany were geared towards products called Supertoscani where the blend consists mainly of international varieties (e.g.:, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah etc. for the reds, and Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc etc. for the whites), endowing these with the highest quality and enhancing them as their company’s primary products. This decision has led to the loss of the local territory’s authenticity and to the value that Chianti once had.

A very careful choice

Offering products originating from a thorough and careful selection, from processing methods suitable for guaranteeing quality vines in limited quantities, allows us to reach informed consumers, who demand the excellence and authenticity of a historical production, the pivot of the Mediterranean culture.

Our wines have always come from native productions, with a prevalence of Sangiovese for red wines, but also Malvasia, Canaiolo, Colorino, Ciliegiolo grapes, while for whites, Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia of Chianti.