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An "organic" culture

To cherish our land: this is our goal, preserving the culture of wine. Hippocrates thought that wine was so healthy it could even be used to cleanse wounds; Podere Volpaio thinks it is essential to pass on what our fathers left us in over 2000 years of history, culture and hard work, in order to hand over to our children a land whose beauty and immense wealth are intact.

This is why Podere Volpaio relies on organic farming productions which minimise the release of waste into the soil, the air and the water, preserving the natural fertility of the land and protecting the complexity of the agro-ecosystem and its biodiversity, consuming less power.

There are four qualities which are required by European production standards (Reg. 2092/91): the best environmental impact, healthiness, the absence of GMOs and a guaranteed control and certification system. There are also other qualities concerning aspects not expressly required by the EU Regulation, but that manufacturers can choose to provide to their products: greater health and hygiene safety, nutritional content and organoleptic qualities. Respecting each and every one of these standards represents an added value for us.

Our philosophy