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White wine

The body is full and the mind satisfied

By removing the marc consisting of the skins, we produce our White wine, directly from the grapes’ pulp. Certainly White wines are sweeter and increase satiety and are healthy, not so much to the heart as to the palate, they match fish and seafood dishes wonderfully.


A Tuscan White wine with a polished antique colour, that intense light golden yellow which preludes to scents of white Malvasia and Trebbiano di Toscana. Delicate aromas of white peach, citrus, mineral notes and white breadcrumbs. An appealing finish for a great IGT Tuscan wine.

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Organic Certification

CERTIFICATION BIO EU Commission ensures that production takes place in harmony with nature in a sustainable way. The bio operators are inspected once a year and do not produce OGM, they do not use pesticides and founded the production techniques of knowledge and the production area resources.


VEGANOK is the first certification for Ethical Vegan products originated in Italy, whose staff is entirely made up of vegans who care about the spread of this ethical choice, depth knowledge of every aspect of the Vegan choice and everything related to the respect of the life of every living thing.