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Podere Volpaio


Year 2011


An appealing finish for a great igt tuscan wine.

Dorellino is a Tuscan White wine with a polished antique colour, that intense light golden yellow which preludes to scents of white Malvasia and Trebbiano di Toscana. Its flavour is deep and elegant, it has a long aromatic, smooth and rich complexity, with a noble alcohol structure, and a return of ripe fruit in its final aftertaste. Delicate aromas of white peach, citrus, mineral notes and the crumb of bread on the nose. Good refreshing acidity, flavour and an engaging finish. A strong taste impact, warm, soft, full-bodied, showing a remarkable extract and a finish in crescendo on the notes of citrus and ripe fruit.

Wine-making techniques

Dorellino is a wine produced in limited quantities because of the care in cultivation which the Malvasia grape type requires in order to reach a correct maturation. The vineyards intended for Dorellino are located at a height ranging from 90 to 180 m above sea level in soils which are rich in marine fossil sediments with some clay, giving a mineral taste and flavour to the grapes. The harvest is carried out manually during the second half of October, by selecting the best bunches. The time for harvesting Malvasia is chosen on the basis of the ratio between the sugar concentration and highest expression of the varietal grape scent. Once picked, the grapes are immediately transferred to the cellar and cooled by using dry ice, which lowers the temperature before the pressing process (this is important in order to maintain the varietal characteristics unaltered); on the same day as harvesting the grapes are gently pressed and the must is separated from the skins; after the pressing, the must is kept for several hours at a temperature of 10°C to clarify naturally before fermentation. It is then racked into stainless steel tanks where the alcoholic fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature; once the alcoholic fermentation is complete and after being racked several times, the wine made from Malvasia grapes is then blended with a small amount of wine obtained from Trebbiano grapes in order to accentuate its flavour and roundness together with an improvement of its aromatic part. This is followed by an ageing period in stainless steel tanks for at least six months, and then after its bottling, a further 10 months in the cellar before marketing.