Podere VolpaioPodere Volpaio

Podere Volpaio

Dé Stoie

Year 2004

Passito of Tuscany I.G.T.

At the end a nice honey aftertaste which persists and invites you on to the next sip of this splendid tuscan igt passito wine.

Its colour is a bright amber, with shades of amber and bright reflections of old gold; thick, viscous, it adheres well to the inner curve of the glass. On the nose, there is a sweet concentration of apricot and yellow fruits, honey, caramel, nougat and toasted hazelnuts. The taste is full and intense, warm, soft, almost chewable, thanks to its well-balanced acidity which makes it possible to appreciate the aromas even in its long lingering finish, and at the end the nice honey aftertaste which persists and invites you on to the next sip.

Wine-making techniques

The grapes are harvested by hand; after a careful selection in the field, the best grapes are placed in small crates and transported to the cellar where they will be placed on mats, on which they will remain until they reach the right moment of drying out for producing our passito (straw wine). A light pressing without de-stemming is then carried out, from which the precious must is obtained, which is then racked into small chestnut and oak caskets, where it will continue to stay for a minimum of 4-5 years; it is then bottled and undergoes a further refinement of at least 12 months before being put on the market.